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Dr. Juliana Chacón Pinilla


LMU Department für Biologie
Systematische Botanik und Mykologie
Menzinger Straße 67
80638 München


Fon:+49 89 17861-228
Fax:+49 89 172638
Room:25, ground floor



Research interests

I am interested in plant evolution and biogeography, specially of the Neotropical region. My research focuses mainly on phylogenetic patterns of different angiosperm clades using molecular data and information about species distribution, ecology and morphology. I have also worked on diverse projects using DNA barcoding, taxonomy and cytogenetics. Together with Prof. M. Gottschling and our colleagues from the Aquatic Ecology Institut at the LMU and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, we are investigating the distribution patterns, diversity and evolution of freshwater dinoflagellates in Bavarian lakes. For this we use amplicon NGS-data of ribosomal RNA genes analyzed with phylogenetic and statistical methods.
Paralell to my research I am also involved in different teaching activities for biology students at the LMU.

Last update: 2018-05-05