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PD Dr. Ehrentraud Bayer * BOT History of economic plants
Dr. Andreas Beck * BOT Systematics of, and coevolution between, the algal and fungal partners of lichen associations
Dr. Konstanze Bensch (née Schubert) * MYK Phytopathogenic fungi
Dr. h.c. Josef Bogner * BOT Evolution and systematics of Araceae
Dr. Bernhard Dickoré * BOT Taxonomy and biogeography of vascular plants in subtropical, temperate and alpine Eurasia
PD Dr. Peter Döbbeler MYK Bryophilous Ascomycetes
PD Dr. Matthias Erben BOT Systematics of Limonium and Viola, with a focus on karyotype evolution
Dr. Hans-Joachim Esser * BOT Euphorbiaceae worldwide; Araliaceae and Rutaceae of southeastern Asia; flora of Thailand
Dr. Eva Facher BOT German flora and vegetation; morphology and anatomy of vascular plants; development and modification of investigation methods, preparation techniques and special approaches for studies with light- and electron microscopy
Dr. Andreas Fleischmann * BOT Systematics and evolution of carnivorous plant families
Dr. Günter Gerlach * BOT Evolution and systematics of neotropical orchids
Prof. Dr. Marc Gottschling BOT Systematics, phylogenetics, and evolution of boraginales, dinoflagellates, and human papilloma viruses
Prof. Dr. emer. Jürke Grau BOT Evolution of dry-adapted plant clades in Chile
Dr. Andreas Gröger * BOT Floristics of the Guayana Highlands and the Caucasus region
Prof. Dr. emer. Günther Heubl BOT Systematics and evolution of carnivorous angiosperm clades; plant evolution on the Canary Islands
Dr. Wolfgang Lippert * BOT Flora of Bavaria and the Alps, Systematics of the genera Alchemilla (Rosaceae), Crataegus (Rosaceae), Festuca (Poaceae), Hyssopus (Lamiaceae)
Prof. Dr. Susanne S. Renner BOT Angiosperm phylogenetics, sexual system evolution, and biogeography
Dr. Tanja Schuster BOT
Dr. Siegfried Springer BOT Technical Assistant, preparation of teaching material and curation of the university herbarium (MSB)
Dr. Dagmar Triebel * MYK Ascomycetes; lichenicolous fungi; biodiversity informatics
Dr. Markus Weiß * MYK Secondary metabolism of tree roots, colonized by mycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi; Ecology and identification of ectomycorrhizae
Dr. Julia Wellsow BOT Zugänglich machen von digitalisierten Herbarbelegen in Diversity Workbench
Prof. Dr. Silke Werth BOT Evolution and ecology of lichens

*) ehrenamtlich


Dr. Philomena Bodensteiner MYK Anatomical and molecular studies on relationships and evolution of cyphelloid basidiomycetes
Dr. Marius Felder * BOT
Dr. Kathrin Feldberg BOT The historical biogeography of leafy liverworts based on DNA sequence data and the fossil record.
Dr. Juliana Chacón Pinilla BOT Distribution patterns, diversity and evolution of freshwater dinoflagellates in Bavarian lakes
Dr. Philipp Resl * BOT Evolution and ecology of lichens
Dr. Alexander Rockinger BOT The evolution and biogeography of Crotalaria (Fabaceae)
Dr. Aretuza Sousa dos Santos BOT Evolution of sex chromosomes in mosses
Dr. Constantin Zohner BOT Plant phenology in the context of climate change

*) neu

Ehemalige Postdocs

Dr. Stefan Abrahamczyk BOT Dr. Abrahamczyk is now a postdoc at the University of Bonn.
Dr. Christian Bräuchler BOT Dr. Bräuchler is now a curator at the herbarium of Vienna (W).
Dr. Natalia Filipowicz BOT Dr. Filipowitz is now an Assistant Professor at the Medical University of Gdansk, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Botany.
Dr. Andreas Fleischmann BOT Curator of flowering plants at the Botanische Staatssammlung München
Dr. Norbert Holstein BOT Dr. Holstein is now a postdoc at the University of Bonn in the group of Prof. Max Weigend.
Dr. Florian Jabbour BOT Dr. Jabbour is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Paris and the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.
Dr. Shi-Xiao Luo BOT Dr. Luo is a researcher at the South China Botanical Garden in Guanzhou. Shixiao worked on the reproductive biology of Phyllanthaceae, of Illicium, and Clerodendrum, all in a comparative phylogenetic framework.
Dr. Ryan Oyama BOT Dr. Ryan Oyama is now a manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred in Hawaii. In the Renner lab, Ryan worked on sex-linked loci in Bryonia (Cucurbitaceae).
Dr. Derek Peršoh MYK Dr. Peršoh is now a researcher at the University of Bochum
Dr. Mathieu Piednoël BOT Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne (Köln)
Prof. Dr. Hanno Schäfer BOT Dr. Hanno Schäfer is now a Professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Dr. Boris Schlumpberger BOT Herrenhäuser Gärten, Herrenhäuser Str. 4, 30419 Hannover
Telefon: 0511 16847575, Fax: +49 511 16847374
E-Mail: boris.schlumpberger@hannover-stadt.de
Dr. Juan Carlos Villarreal BOT Dr. Villarreal is now an Assistant Professor at the Univ. of Laval, Québec, Canada


Michaela Hofmann BOT
Juliane Kretschmann BOT

Ehemalige Doktoranden

Dr. Julia Bechteler BOT University of Bonn, Nees Institute for Biodiversity of Plants, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Dr. Sidonie Bellot BOT Technische Universität München, Plant Biodiversity Research, Emil-Ramann Str. 2, 85354 Freising, Germany
Dr. Fernanda Antunes Carvalho BOT Dr. Carvalho is now an assistant professor at the University of Pernambuco in Serra Talhada, Brazil. Since May 2014 postdoctoral fellow with Alexandre Antonelli at the University of Gothenburg.
Dr. Guillaume Chomicki BOT Ph.D. research was on "The evolution of ant domatia"
Dr. Oscar Alejandro Peréz Escobar BOT Ph.D. research was on "The evolution and systematics of the Cycnoches orchids"
Dr. Norbert Holstein BOT Dr. Holstein is now a postdoc at the University of Bonn in the group of Prof. Max Weigend.
Josmaily Lóriga BOT Ph.D. research was on "Evolution, biogeography and systematics of the fern genera Asplenium and Elaphoglossum"
Dr. Dao Lamèga Maba MYK Ph.D. research was on "Phylogeny molecular, Ecology and Distribution of the genera Lactifluus & Lactarius (Russulales, Basidiomycota) of West Africa"
Dr. Aline Cristina Martins BOT Dr. Martins is now an associate researcher at Zoology Department at the University of Brasilia.
Dr. Lars Nauheimer BOT Dr. Nauheimer is now a postdoc in Cairns, Australia.
Dr. Alexander Rockinger BOT Ph.D. research was on "The evolution and biogeography of Crotalaria (Fabaceae)"
Dr. Agnes Scheunert BOT Ph.D. research was on "Molecular phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of the genus Scrophularia (Scrophulariaceae)"
Dr. Patrizia Sebastian BOT Ph.D. thesis: The evolution and biogeography of Cucumis and Sicyos (Cucurbitaceae). Dr. Sebastian is now working for a pharmaceutical company.
Dr. Sylvia Söhner BOT Dr. Sylvia Söhner is now working in a pharmaceutical company.
Dr. Aretuza Sousa BOT Ph.D. thesis: Molecular cytogenetics and phylogenetic modeling to study chromosome evolution in the Araceae and sex chromosomes in the Cucurbitaceae
Dr. Carmen Zinßmeister BOT Ph.D. research was on "The evolution of dinoflagellates". Dr. Zinßmeister is now a postdoc at the German Center for Marine Biodiversity Research.
Dr. Constantin Zohner BOT Ph.D. research was on "Forecasting leaf phenological changes in plant communities"